Alexander J Slater
Creative Director / Brand Developer

For the last 10 years Alex has worked in the creative field and most recently was instrumental in the co-founding of a digital marketing firm. In addition, he has managed a boutique creative house, launched an apparel line, produced a variety of music events, and curated a digital lifestyle magazine. He has been successful in executing creative strategies for companies such as Samsung, Red Bull, Arnette, Schwartzkopf Professional, and Madame Tussauds. Alex has produced campaigns in a variety of industries such as Consumer Electronics, Health & Beauty, Fashion, Music, Transportation, and Film Entertainment.

His exploration into various design practices and media has allowed him to develop a robust understanding of what it means to be a “creator.” The ever-changing landscape of digital media and advertising provides him with the exciting opportunity to constantly challenge the status quo and push the boundaries of what the creative platform can offer. As a creative director he has been able to balance the drive for visual excellence with the needs of the client, while also continuing to support business development.